Lace Care Tips


All sales are final due to the nature of the product provided by JessTRESSED, LLC. No refunds or exchanges.

Refunds and exchanges will be subject to approval if JessTRESSED is responsible for any issues with your unit.


  •  Lace pieces aren’t meant to last long and you have to be willing to reinvest in lace pieces to keep up with lace frontal and lace closure wigs.
  •  It’s necessary to replace your lace after it’s been used for a while. It will shed and bald, which is normal. Longevity depends on each person, your daily life, maintenance and if you’re only wearing one wig or switching up your wigs.
  • We offer a lace replacement services to replace the lace closure on your wig. Most inexpensive option and doesn’t require buying a whole new unit.
  • Full lace units can’t get a replacement lace service as it’s full lace.

It’s very important to treat your wig with care. You can trim away the hairline once hair sheds away. We offer this service also. But we only do that no more than twice before a new lace is recommended.